CIOT All-round Spray Robot

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CIOT Spray Robot

Powered by an internal system, the spray robot can take over extensive floor and air at offices, factories, schools and other public facilities. It operates on auto-pilot along preset routes to accurately and efficiently spray through various work modes, shows work-in-process notifications, and automatically returns to base for recharging when running low on power. 

  • Spray on floors and inthe air 
  • Return to charging baseautomatically
  • Autonomous navigation and avoidobstacles
  • Autopilot for elevator access
  • Customized routes andtime frame
  • Longer battery life (2 hours and above)

    Appearance and size

    CIOT All-round Spray Robot

    Application:Office,School,Government hall,Industrial area,Apartment,Front desk,Business center.

    CIOT All-round Spray Robot

    Main Functions
    Map Management
    Route Preset
    Task Previews
    Location Management
    Broadcast Setting
    Liquid Level Notification
    Autopilot to elevators 
    Autonomous Recharge

    Operating System:Android 7.1 or newer
    Dimensions:Height: 1170mm Diameter: 522mm
    Net Weight:75KG
    Liquid Capacity:10L;
    Flow Rate:≤1.2L/h, particle size within 10μm, 15min/1000m2
    Disinfect Method:Vaporized Disinfectants mist
    Display:10.1 inches, resolution 1280*800
    Battery Capacity:24V 35Ah
    Battery Life:6h
    Notification System:Voice notification when liquid running low
    Cleaning Method:Support manual drainage
    Task Management:Support preset tasks for specific time frame
    Navigation System:Laser
    Obstacle Avoidance Sensor:Visual + Supersonic +Laser

    Sensor Parameters
    SICK laser: 10 meters
    RGBD depth camera: 0.7m – 0.8m
    Supersonic Sensor: 0.25m – 2.5m

    Obstacle Avoidance
    Hurdle capacity: 10mm Climb ability: 5 degrees

    Speed:0.8m/s, maximum speed 1.5m/s,. able to move at all  (forward, backwards, left, right, and U-turn
    Charging:Contact autonomous recharge, less than 4.5 hours till fully charged
    Connectivity:WIFI/4G (customized 4G)
    Motion Performance
    Rotation radius : 0mm
    Disinfectant:Hypochlorous Acid or hydrogen peroxide
    Temperature (operation and storage)
    Temperature (operation): 0º~40º ; Humidity (operating): 5%~85%, Storage Temperature: -10º~60

    Disinfectant Solution Formula
    1.Hypochlorous Acid ( used with people in the room):550mg/L hypochlorous acide solution, hypochlorous acide and water is ratio is 1:9,55ppm2.Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (used with no one at present):Prepare 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide solution, add water, hydrogen peroxidesolution and water ratio is 1:1, 15000ppm 20ml/m3

    Further Information:
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