Portable Handheld Low Noise Ultrasonic Nebulizer Adult & Kid Machine Respirator Humidifier

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Handheld silent compression nebulizer home cough and phlegm

Breathing issues and congestion caused by asthma, colds, bronchitis, the flu, or other viruses as well as other respiratory ailments can cause considerable distress.
The Nebulizer machine is an affordable and effective tool which will help relieve many breathing issues caused by these conditions.
This high-quality nebulizer can be used to provide vapor therapy with Albuterol or other bronchodilation or breathing treatment medication or simply with a 0.9% saline solution.
The Portable nebulizer is suitable for both children and adults and comes with two breathing attachment sizes to suit any age.

Packing Parameters:
Product Size: 40*49*115mm
Weight: 225g
Color box size: 140*110*55mm
Weight in color box: 300g
Medicine cup capacity: 14ML
Power: Type-c/2xAA batteries
Working noise: ≤35dB
Atomized particles: 3.0um
Atomization speed:6ml/min
Waterproof rating: IP22
Maximum water temperature in the medicine cup≤50℃
Automatic shutdown: 20 minutes of operation

Box size: 62.5*31.5*33CM
Weight per box: 15kg
Quantity: 50PCS

Package contents:
1 x nebulizer,1 x adaptor,1 x adult respiratory component,1 x children's respiratory components,1 x atomized mouthpiece,1 x Elbow Bite,1 xtype-c cable,1 x User Manual,1 x color boxPortable ultrasonic micro-mesh atomizer for Congestion and Asthma Breathing Treatment

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