Linsn MINI901 M9 LED Receiving Card LED High-end Mini Receiving Card

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Linsn Mini901 LED Display High End Receiver Card

Linsn Mini901 is a ultra-small size full-featured high-end mini-receiver card for LED display. Compared with the traditional receiver card, Mini901 uses DDR SODimm200 interface, can adapt to a variety of electronic circuit structure, the use of more flexible, truly a board for all Application (for this DDR interface I can provide docking development template for reference), to a large extent reduce the types of procurement and reception cards.

Mini901 specific circuit and program design, can effectively reduce the system's electromagnetic radiation can effectively help products easily through the EMC certification.

1. Compatible with eight, nine generations of receiving cards, with eight generations and nine generations of receiving card all the features;
2. Single card supports up to 32 groups of RGB signals in parallel data output;
3. Support high refresh high gray scale display;
4. Support general-purpose chip, PWM chip and other mainstream LED driver chip;
5. Supports any scan type within 32 sweeps, supports serial decoding such as 595;
6. Support bright, color point by point correction;
7. Single card maximum support 1024X256 pixels;
8. Support 12-bit HDMI color input (need to send nine cards with);
9. 18-bit signal processor, the maximum support red, green and blue 18 (260,000) gray;
10. Support single card color space transformation;
11. Support configuration file readback;
12. Support pixel fault detection (need special chip support);
13. Support network cable error test;
14. Support cable fault detection;
15. Support dual network cable backup, dual power backup and other hot backup function;
16. Support module Flash chip storage correction data function;
17. Support temperature and humidity monitoring function;
18. Support smoke sensing function;
19. Support voltage monitoring;
20. Support the cabinet door switch, fan monitoring;
21. Support LCD LCD panel display function module;
22. Meet the EU RoHS standards;
23. Meet the EU CE-EMC standards;

Linsn M9 LED Display High End Receiver Card

The other parameters are the same as the MINI901 except that the load is 512*512 (MINI901 384*256).