ECSR UHD6000+ UHD9000+ multiple output LED Video Processor LED Video Splicer(Call for price)

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UHD6000+ LED Video Splicer
YC-UHD6000+ LED video splicer is a professional-grade LED display control equipment; with video signal reception, splicing and processing capabilities, can receive a maximum of 4096x2160 pixels (usually 3840x2160 pixels) of 4K@60Hz digital signal; support DP, DVI, HDMI, SDI and other digital interfaces, can achieve seamless multi-way signal Support DP, DVI, HDMI, SDI and other digital interfaces, can achieve seamless switching between multiple signals, support the roaming, scaling, splicing operation of the window screen.
  • (1) Support a wealth of digital signal interfaces, including 1-channel DP1.2 input interface or 1-channel HDMI2.0 input interface, the input image supports 4K@30 and 4K@60 resolution; 2-channel HDMI input interface, 4-channel DVI input interface, the input image supports 1920x1080@60 resolution.
  • (2) Support 8-16 DVI output interfaces, each DVI output interface maximum resolution of 2048x1152@60.
  • (3) support 16-32 way network port output, each way network port output maximum carrying capacity of 650,000 pixels.
  • (4) Using a plug-in chassis, each DVI output board supports 8 DVI outputs, and can be inserted into one to two DVI output boards to achieve the expansion of the DVI output interface from 8 to 16 ports of different specifications LED video image processor.
  • (5) Using plug-in chassis, each output board supports 16-way network port output, and each network port output daughter board supports 2 network port outputs, which can be expanded from 16 to 32 ports by inserting 1 to 2 output boards.
  • (6) The maximum carrying capacity of each DVI output is 2.6 million pixels, and the output resolution can be customized.
  • (7) The panel is designed with large crystal keys, shuttle keys, and 3.5-inch LCD screen, and supports interactive control of the processor through the panel keys.
  • (8) Support output screen brightness adjustment function.

UHD9000+ LED Video Splicer
UHD9000+ video splicer is a high end LED display control device independently developed by ECSR. The UHD9000+ video splicer is a high-end LED display control device independently developed by ECSR, with powerful video signal receiving, splicing and processing capabilities. It can support two 4K@60HZ video inputs or 8 1080P HD video inputs at the same time. Up to 32 DVI outputs, the maximum output load of a single port can reach 2.6 million dots. Display maximum resolution of 83.2 million dots, support DP, HDMI, DVI, SDI and other digital input interfaces, seamless switching between multiple signals, support window roaming, overlay switching and other display functions, and support the panel button for mode call. The video splicer to reach the international advanced level, powerful, stable and reliable, the product uses a modular design, according to the actual needs of users flexible configuration, is the monitoring center, command center, stage and other large LED display the best choice.
  • 1 support a variety of input interfaces: DP1.2 (4Kp60 image input), HDMI2.0 (4Kp60 image input) DVI (1080p60), 3GSDI (1080p60).
  • 2 maximum support for 32 output splicing display, up to 32 screens can be displayed simultaneously.
  • 3 each output DVI port can be customized output resolution (single-port output with a maximum load of 2.6 million points)
  • 4 support multi-window arbitrary roaming, overlay, zoom display.
  • 5 support input source interception, output screen stitching display function.
  • 6 support the output screen brightness adjustment.
ECSR  UHD9000+ multiple output LED Video Processor LED Video Splicer
Input & Output
Input: 4K DP / HDMI2.0, DVI *4
Output: up to 16 channels DVI
Control ports: RS232, RJ45
Input and output port form and number can be customized.
Multi-cascade ports: GENL0CK_IN*1 GENL0CK_L00P*1 Control ports: NET, USB, RS232, RS232_L00P

Larger load range, wider control
Total number of points carried: 41.6 million custom/83.2 million Pixel
Maximum load width: 61440/--
Maximum load height: 61440/--
Single-way DVI load Number of points: 2.6 million Custom
Maximum single channel DVI width: 3840
Maximum single channel DVI: 3840