ECSR UHD3000 multiple output LED Video Processor LED Video Splicer(Call for price)

$3,000.00 USD
Model Number
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YC-UHD3000 LED video splicer is a professional-grade LED display control equipment, with powerful video signal reception, splicing and processing capabilities, can simultaneously support 1 channel 4K@60HZ, 4 1080P60 video input and 4 DVI output or 4-8 network port output, DVI single-port maximum output band load up to 2.6 million points. Support DP, HDMI, DVI and other digital interfaces, seamless switching between multiple signals, support window roaming, overlay switching and other display functions, and support panel keys for mode call.
  • (1) Support rich digital signal interfaces, including 1-channel DP1.2 (4Kp60 image input) or 1-channel HDMI2.0 (4Kp60 image input); 2-channel HDMI (1080p60), 2-channel DVI (1080p60).
  • (2) Support 4-channel DVI output interface, the maximum carrying capacity of each DVI output is 2.6 million pixels, and the output resolution can be customized.
  • (3) Support 4-8 network port output, each network port output maximum carrying capacity of 650,000 pixels.
  • (4) Support up to 8 screens, any window roaming, overlay and zoom display.
  • (5) Support input source screen interception and output screen splicing display.
  • (6) Support output screen brightness adjustment.
  • (7) The panel is designed with crystal keys, shuttle buttons and 2.8-inch LCD screen, and supports interactive control of the processor through the panel keys.
Standard input port: DVI*2, HDMI*4, and
Optional input port: DP*1 (including DP ring out *1), SDI*1 (including SDI ring out *1) Output port: DVI*4
Control ports: RS232, USB, NET

Larger load range, wider control
Total number of points carried: 10.4 million custom
Maximum load width: 15360
Maximum load height: 15360
Single-way DVI load Number of points: 2.6 million Custom
Maximum single channel DVI width: 3840
Maximum single channel DVI: 3840