ECSR Splicer Series HD902 HD904 HD908 LED Video Processor

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HD902/904/908 Pro is a 3 in1 video processor, which integrates the functions of synchronous sending card and video processor, supports 4K source video signal input and dual picture output, supports multi-channel video source arbitrary switching, audio input and output, etc..
  • Mode: HD902/HD904/HD908
  • Contol Range: 2.6million pixel/5.2million pixel/10.4 million pixel
  • Audio: input & output
    Perfect combination with synchronous sending and video processing
    Integrated 2 DVI/ 4DVI /8 DVI synchronous sending and video processor

    Support 4K video source signal input
    HDMl2.0, Backward compatible VESA Standard, <3840*2160@60Hz

    Multiple video input sources, arbitrary switching
    EXT: Standard with DVI, support optional SDI

    8/12/16 network port output, support dual screen display

    Larger load range, wider control
    Control range: 2.6 million pixels
    Widest: 3840 pixels, Highest: 1920 pixels
    Input port :DVI *1、HDMI*1、CVBS*2, VGA*1, Output port: DVI *2 VGA*1
    Control port: RS232

    Control range: 5.2 million pixels
    Widest: 7680 pixels, Highest: 3840 pixels
    Input port:DVI *1、HDMI*1、CVBS*3, VGA*2. SDI+Ring Out*1 (optional) Output port: DVI*4 VGA monitor*1  Control port: RS232

    Control range: 10.4 million pixels
    Widest: 15360 pixels, Highest: 7680 pixels
    Input ports :DVI *1、 HDMI*1、CVBS*3、 VGA*2、SDI+Ring Out*1 (optional) Output port: DVI*8 VGA monitor*1 Control port : RS232