Automatic hand washing machine Infrared disinfectant dispenser 1200ml foam spray Soap dispenser

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Automatic hand washing machine   

Intelligent sensing, safe and hygienic.
ABS material Safety lock design
Support repeated use, economic and environmental protection
Support for a variety of liquid delivery methods
No-perforation installation

Hand sanitizer dispenser
Hand sanitizer dispenser
Product size: 125*132*260mm
Product capacity: 1200ml
Net product weight: 0.85kg
Operating voltage: 9V
Discharge method: foam, drip, spray, three discharge methods to choose from.
Dispense pump head: can be used 300,000 times.
Features: Automatic soap sensor, in the very dark and bright environment, the discharge work is not affected.
3 adjustable liquid output, can be used to work with 6 Section No. 5 dry battery or adapter power.
Outer box size: 570*540*315mm (16pcs/box), about weight: 15.63kg.