Novastar Mctrl Series Mctrl660 PRO/660/600 LED Sending Box LED Display Controller

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The MCTRL Series is a professional controller developed by Nova. A single MCTRL Series has a loading capacity of up to 1920×1200@60Hz. It allows users to customize resolutions to configure ultra-large screens with ultra-width or ultraheight .

LED Video Controller Appearance

LED Video Controller Working Diagram


Low latency controller for a low latency world
  • Product Type :Controller

  • Input Resolution :1920×1200@60Hz

  • Capacity :2.3 million pixels

  • Supply Voltage :100~240V AC

  • Control Method :USB, ETHERNET,GENLOCK

  • Video Interface :HDMI/DVI/3G-SDI

  • Audio Interface :HDMI/3.5mm Audio connector

  • Viedo Format :RGB444/YCbCr444/YCbCr422/YCbCr420

  • Output Interface :6 × Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 × 10G optical ports.

  • Bit Depth Of Video Resource :8/10/12bit

  • Light Sensor Interface :Don't Support

  • Certification :EMC,  RoHS,  FCC,  IC, LVD



No PC required for LED display configuration

√  Cabinet config files saving & sending

√  Brightness, Color & Test pattern adjustable by knob

√  Full HD pixels capacity

√  HDCP & 12-bit HDMI

  • No PC required for LED display configuration.

  • LED display brightness adjustable directly with knob.

  • 12-bit / 10-bit HDMI input, DVI input.

  • HDMI / DVI output, for cascading or monitoring.

  • HDMI / external audio unput.

  • HDCP Blu-Ray input.

  • Resolutions supported: (8-bit)

    • 2048×1152@60Hz,

    • 1920×1200@60Hz,

    • 2560×  960@60Hz.

  • Resolutions supported: (12-bit / 10-bit)

    • 1440×900@60Hz.

  • Customized resolution supported:
    maximum width / height up to 3840 pixels.

  • Cascading supported.

  • Video formats: RGB, YCrCb 4:2:2, YCrCb 4:4:4.

  • Independent power supply.

  • 19 × 1.5U standard cabinet.



  • 12-bit / 10-bit HDMI input, DVI input.

  • HDMI / external audio input. 

  • HDCP Blu-Ray input.

  • ​Resolutions supported: (8-bit)

    • 2048×1152@60Hz​,

    • 1920×1200@60Hz,

    • 2560×  960@60Hz.

    • Customized resolution supported, maximum width/height up to 3840 pixels.

  • ​1 light sensor interface, for auto brightness adjustment.

  • Cascading supported. 

  • Video formats: RGB, YCrCb 4:2:2, YCrCb 4:4:4.

  • Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC, EAC, IC.

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