RGBlink LED Video Processor M2/CP3072PRO Video scaling mixing LED Display Controller

$4,450.00 USD
by RGBlink
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RGBLink M2/CP3072PRO Video scaling mixing LED Video Processor

Ideal for meeting and conference spaces or applications, M2 (CP3072pro) provides not just live hands on controls for for live video presentation, but also full output scaling capabilites essential for modern display applications.
Up to nine individual inputs may be fitted for the ultimate in flexibily. All signals are synchronised and converted for output. Standard with four HDMI outputs, M2 output is multi-mode too, whether for conventional PST/PGM operations, dual 2K (4K1K) or 4K.
On board features include mutliple PIP window layers with layer effects Watermark, soft edge blend, Chroma Key available. LOGO and STILL layers for channel or programme logo are avaialble too. A wide range of transitiion effects to Program maybe utilised whether for timed TAKE or the via the T-Bar . M3 offers a unique independent TAKE feature for OSD text such which may be subtitles or other messaging loaded by USB.
Presets may be saved and recalled on demand and settings exported for backup or later use, and Genlock Y In and TALLY features are built in too.
RGBLink M2/CP3072PRO Vido scaling mixing LED Video Processor
● 3 slots up to 9 user fit input modules
● Support hot swap modules
● Preview 8 inputs
● Seamless switching between PST and PGM
● Output splicing up to 4K2K/8K1K
●I ndependently control two different displays
● 3 video layers plus additional layers for OSD,LOGO,STILL
Watermark layer feature for forground layer including support for user defined Watermark
● Compatible with all display types
● Genlock Y In
● Save Presets and settings on board and to USB
● 15 Transition Effects on the T-bar and TAKE button
RGBLink M2/CP3072PRO Vido scaling mixing LED Video Processor