Kystar U1 LED Displays Controller Full Color LED Video Processor

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by Kystar
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Kystar U1 LED Video Processor

The multi-image splicing processor is a high-end video processing equipment
developed and manufactured by our company for LED large screen display,
performance and leasing, conference room, studio and so on.
The product adopts CPT+ FST splicing technology targeted for small pixel LED
display to guarantee uniformity and synchronization of splicing. The Super Resolution
Zoom-in Technology can help eliminate jaggies and reduce the fuzzy sense and
out-of-focus phenomenon due to image magnification.
● HD multi-format signal input
● Fade in/out switch between arbitrary signals
● 1920*1200 HD output
● 2pcs LED sending cards built-in ability
● Support PC software control
● Offline scheduled task

Exquisite design

Humanized panel design
With color panel and two-way regulation knob, U1 brings great convenience to users by its friendly user interface.
Multiple HD/SD signal inputs
U1 supports 5-channel HD/SD signal, includingDVI*1,VGA*1,HDMI*1,CVBS*2.
What’s more,U1 has 2pcs sending card built-in ability. The drawer type design is convenient for users to install cards.

Free zoom in/out display

Image zooms in/out freely
Image can be zoomed in/out freely to complete the full screen display of the signal source by U1.
What’s more, U1 enables LED display to play part picture and make swift switch between full and part.

Fade in/out switch effects

Support fade in/out effects, eliminate black burst, blue screen etc.,which covering all the signal switches between external signal and internal decoding signal.

Swift operation

Wizard setting
U1 provides wizard setting. Users make choice accordingly to complete machine setup by following the hint in the color LCD panel.
Software and offline scheduled task
U1 is perfect compatible with KYSTAR control software by connecting RS232 serial port to PC.
Device can be preseted by users to complete signal switch, brightness variations the appointed time by the software.