Digital Portable Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Clock function, you can easily set the year, month, day, hour and minute yourself.
Design arm type, you need to take off your jacket or sweater to measure accurately.
Intelligent pressure and decompression design with IHB heart rate monitoring for added practicality.
The LCD display makes sure the numbers are clear for seniors, and you can easily view systolic, diastolic and pulse rates.
Systolic and diastolic pressures are displayed separately, so people can assess the data within the normal range at first glance.
Add memory storage and irregular heartbeat detection, remember irregular heartbeats and display the average of the last three measurements.

Accurate measurement Arm type electronic sphygmomanometer
  • Voice broadcast
  • One key measurement
  • Heart rate test, double 99 group memory
1 / a key operation
One-touch measurement of blood pressure, automatic completion of the whole process of measurement.
2 / measurement memory
Double each group of 99 memory, automatic storage of measurement results,for you to keep in mind the daily blood pressure value.
3 / smart voice broadcast
Older, vision is not very good, with the ears to listen to the whole process of measurement!
4 / accurate measurement
Selection of imported chips, the use of dual filtering algorithm to comprehensively improve the measurement accuracy.
5 / IHB heart rate test
In the measurement of blood pressure at the same time on the heart rate is also tested, a machine more use .
6 / voltage, power detection
Voltage, power is too low, automatic prompt, power shortage will affect the normal use.

Packing Parameters:
Product size: 118mm x 96mm x 65mm
Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃ Storage humidity: 15%~90%.
Operating temperature:10℃~40℃ Operating humidity:40%~85%
Display: LCD digital display
Measurement method: pulse scan/oscillometric method
Cuff size: 22-32cm
Measurement range: hypertension/ hypotension: 20mmHg~280mmHg
Pulse: (40-200) beats per minute
Resolution: 1mmHg (0.1kPa)
Accuracy: ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa)
Pulse: within ±3% of reading
Voltage:6V Power consumption:0.01W

Packing information
Size of the color box: 11.2cm X 10.2cm X 16.2cm.
Outer box volume: 46.8cmX30.3cmX50cm
Weight: approximately 500 grams per unit, 30 units per case, 15KG per case

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

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