Linsn X200 X100 LED Video Processor 3-in-1 LED Display Controller

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Linsn X200 3-in-1 LED Display Video Processor
This model will be discontinued soon, please purchase a new replacement product X102/X104.
The Linsn X200 is a new 3-in-1 video processor.2.3 million on a single band, with integrated send card, video processing, USB flash drive playback. Used in large LED screen display, with rich function, cost-effective features.

  • Sending card and video processor in one, no need to configure sending card
  • Quad-port output with a maximum carry capacity of 2.3 megapixel points
  • 1,920 pixel points at maximum bandwidth and 1,536 pixel points at maximum belt
  • Support USB flash drive offline playback
  • Supports audio input and output
  • Supports point-to-point display and full-screen zoom
  • Support DVI/VGA/CVBS/HDMI 1.3@60HZ input
  • Supports multi-channel switching
  • EDID customization support

Linsn X200 3-in-1 LED Display Video Processor
1:LCD screen  2:Knob switch  3:Return key   4: SCALE key  5: Input signal source selection key HDMI/DVI/VGA/USB/EXT/CVBS  6: Power switch
Linsn X200 3-in-1 LED Display Video Processor
1: RS232   2: USB  3/4: AUDIO   5: CVBS   6: USB   7: HDMI   8: VGA   9: DVI   10 :Network Port

LINSN X100 is a reliable and high performance LED screen controller. It uses mature video processing solution and 8bit color processing to show colorful and clear image. Dual network outputs for LED screen, which is easy to use and install. It is a best choice for advertisement in mall, hotel and exhibit.
Please note that X100 only works with Linsn receiving card.

linsn X 100 LED Video Processor

  • One button for switching video-source input;
  • Supports audio input and output;
  • Supports USB plug and play, easy to use;
  • Supports full-screen scaling, point- to-point scaling, customizing scaling and resolution output;
  • With dual network outputs, supports up to 1.3 million pixels;
  • Supports create, save and recall mode for saving different applications;
  • After installing Android extending board, it supports connecting phone and pad to display which can be controlled by mouse. 

LED Video processor Appearance
LINSN X100 Video Processor
LED Video processor Working Diagram
Linsn X100 LED Video Processor
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Linsn X100
Linsn X100 LED Video Processor Specification
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Linsn X200 LED Video Processor Specification